Wine Appreciation Club

Hosted by Rosie Bainbridge, who frequently writes about wine in local magazines, these relaxed sessions allow you to not only try out new wines but also sample appropriate accompying food.

We meet every fortnight on Fridays at 7.30pm at the Village Hall. These sessions will look at different countries & wine regions to compare grape varieties and their wines. We’ll look at the background of each region and the major influences upon quality, style and price.
Also included will be food & wine matching ideas.

At each session we taste /evaluate 5-6 wines (plus a mystery wine) and have a wine quiz!!

Wine tasting program for 2018

12th Jan     Wine & Food matching
26th Jan     Grape varieties      
9th Feb       Chile
23rd Feb     France
9th March   Spain 
23rd March Australia 
6th April      Argentina
20th April    Italy 
4th May       California
18th May     South Africa
1st June      New Zealand
15th June    Portugal
29th June    Eastern European

 All you need to bring along is a set of six tasting glasses and you're ready to go. For more details contact Rosie on 01332 824429.



A'Vinho Verde' evening looking at the region, the grape varieties, wine making traditions, tasting eight wines