Live & Local

Live & Local is a not-for-profit arts organisation working with a
network of voluntary groups across Derbyshire, Staffordshire,
Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and

 Leicestershire. We provide a range of support for arts activities that
keep people in touch with their communities and enhance their quality of

The Kirk Langley Village Hall Committee is proud to be a Live and Local promoter on behalf of the Kirk Langley community and we hope you will be able to come along and enjoy the wonderfully diverse and exciting acts that are on offer. For more information and details of other shows in the region go to their website

Watch this space for our next production...         

We have submitted our request to Live and Local for shows covering the October 2018 - June 2019 period. More exciting shows will be on the way. We'll know more in July...                                   

Our previous (25th) show:

Friday 4 May 2018
Zoe Gilby Quartet

We were extremely fortunate to be able to host Zoë Gilby, an exceptional jazz singer and songwriter  with her band which includes double bassist husband Andy Champion, guitarist Mark Williams and drummer Richard Brown.

This was a 'tight' band with great personal skills, and good stage presence. They were confident performers and Zoe had a lovely friendly chatty manner when introducing the numbers, either telling how they came about or recalling who she first heard singing it. Our audience loved the show and we had great feedback.






Previous shows:

December 2010 - Helen Barrett
March 2011 - The Old
Dance School
 December 2011, The Buried Moon
March 2012 - Spaghetti Swing
May 2012 - Kel Elliott
November 2012 - Fairgame Theatre-Hansel and Gretel
April 2013 - Hot Fingers in Concert with 'Spats' Langham
June 2013 - Ashley Hutchings and the Rainbow Chasers
October 2013  - Juliet Kelly, Celebrating the Divas of Jazz
February 2014 - The Churchfitters
March 2014 - A Thousand Kisses Deep with Christine Tobin
May 2014 - A Night at the Movies and More with Fordante
October 2014 - The Urban Folk Quartet
January 2015 - Heads South In Concert
March 2015 - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
May 2015 - Blair Dunlop in Concert
October 2015 - Graffiti Classics
February 2016 - The After Hours Quintet
April 2016 - The Remi Harris Project
October 2016 - The Opera Dudes - Mission Improbable
February 2917 - Kel Elliott - Truth and Tall Tales
April 2017 - The Oxford Concert Party
October 2017 - Team Viking
February 2018 -
Tim Kliphuis Trio Goes Grappelli