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Posted by Ian Skinner on 16/06/2018   Email

CRACKLE family. As part of my own research into the Feildens & Meynells, I have a snippet of a story regarding the Crackles, dating from the Stuart/Jacobite uprising of the 18th century. I've tried contacting Louise Crackle who posted here in 1994, but the email address is no longer active. If any interested Crackles should read this, please get in touch!

Posted by Lynn delaney on 08/07/2017   Email

My grandmother was a Ridgard born in Kirk Langley in 1877. The census says her family lived in The Commons. Can someone please give me a more precise location? I will be visiting the area in September and would love to see where my favorite grandmother might have lived. And are there any Ridgards still in the area?

Posted by James Ingle on 15/12/2016

I love villages (I play rugby for one) but this has to be top 10 for me. Great atmosphere and lovely surroundings. If you had a rugby team I'd think of making a step up to play for you!

Posted by Nicola Oakley on 11/09/2015

Have just moved into Kirk Langley, so great to be able to find out more about the village and the community

Posted by Alison Hiscock on 11/07/2015   Email

Very interesting website. My grandmothers family, the Handfords, lived in the Kirk Langley area for many years. My great x3 grandparents (James and Sarah Handford) are buried in the churchyard. James was a veteran of the battle of Waterloo.

Posted by Louise Crackle on 23/02/2014   Email

Excellent site. My dad, Geoff Crackle, was born in Kirk Langley (Poyser Lane). I have family trees of the Crackle and Musgrove families of Kirk Langley and Radbourne if anyone is interested.

Posted by Ian Skinner on 25/10/2013   Email

I've just discovered that I have ancestors from Kirk Langley- Feildens & Meynells (My grandmother's great grandparents were Rev. Henry James Feilden (b1801) & Marion Meynell), and by coincidence I'm just 14 miles away in Long Eaton. I'm trying to find how M.Meynell fits onto the Meynell family tree, but if anyone has any information/literature/pictures etc I'd love to hear from you.

Posted by john roadley on 11/10/2013   Email

I would likevto purchase the booklets mentioned in our'History Area' It says 'use the Cotact Us page'. I can't see a contact us page

Posted by Michael Feilden Pearce on 06/05/2013   Email

I am researching Rev. Henry James Feilden the Rector of St Michael's from 1820 until his death in 1884. He married Marion Meynell in 1939. One of their sons Randle Feilden became Rector of Muggington in 1869 until his retirement in 1914. Any information gratefully received and I will gladly share whatI have already- photos records etc.

Posted by John Armstrong on 21/04/2013   Email

I'm looking for information that will connect my mother's family (Knowles of Selston) with the Barringtons of Kirk Langley. My grandfather was named George Barrington Knowles because of this obscure connection. His father, Joseph, was a coal miner, so what was his connection with George Bainbridge Barrington, a gentleman in the late 1800s? Can you put me in touch with someone who might be able to throw some light on this? Thank you.

Posted by Cathryn Walton on 20/02/2013   Email

I am researching the life of Emily Campion who was the wife of Alfred who was the vicar at St Michael's. Can anyone provide information about their life at Kirk Langley.