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Interested in treading the boards? Want to have a go at acting or just helping out? Then get in touch with us. It's a great laugh... most of the time! (contact Ben on 01332 824403)

We are now plotting our Autumn production

So if you're interested in taking part, providing a sketch, doing a monolgue, even singing a song! do please get in touch.

Our recent Murder Mystery was a great success. Only one person was murdered!!

Over three nights more than 150 people enjoyed an evening of drama, mystery, a quiz, fish and chips and prizes. We had some great feedback: "A great evening tonight, most enjoyable, entertaining and interesting".
Some photos:

Our previous productions -  

Death on Delivery by Richard Adams - 27th, 28th and 29th April 2016

Over 150 people enjoyed an evening of intrigue, humour, fish and chips and prizes galore for solutions, quizzes and best comedy solution! All for £11! The feedback was terrific - a lot of smiling faces. Some thought it was the best murder mystery we've done. Thanks go to our Director (and detective) David Wren. Also to the cast: Gillian Hanson, Menna Benfield, Andy Gray, Bronwyn Wilson, Linda Fraser, Richard  Benfield, Paul Buxton, John Buxton and Peter Wilson.  

Just before the production Richard Adams contacted us to say that this was the first outing of this murder mystery play. Thus, KLDG put on a world premier! Watch this space for pictures.

Your very own drama group recently produced two one-act plays with some sketches and music in between.

Platform Party - 17/18/19th November
By Alan Richardson

Set on the last night of an Amateur Drama Festival, the hapless Madge is Chairwoman and MC for the trophy awards. She has absolutely no help from those on stage: the adjudicator, a local Councillor, the sponsor’s representative, the ex-chair Rowena Evans and the stage director. It all ends up in total chaos with an unexpected hero(ine)!

Jennie Wood played the lead, Madge Davenport. A challenging role which Jennie performed brilliantly. In the final minutes when it all gets too much we saw Madge driven over the edge when Rowena (Menna Benfield), a spritely 70-year-old,re-enters having retrieved the stolen trophies from the disaffected winners.Rowena's prowess was due entirely to the fact she had just won a book in the raffle entitled 'Martial Arts and Self Defence for Beginners'!

Madge's desperation was mostly due to the fact that the Adjudicator, played by Paul Buxton, having started out reasonably sane ended up a babbling wreck due to Madge's procrastinations and the failures of the new sound and lighting board. A highlight of the play was a speech by the local Councilor, played by John Buxton. It was end-to-end mixed metaphors which the audience loved. The sponsor's representative, Miss Cartwright, played by Bronwyn Wilson, did her best to promote her company's slimming aid products but having won a box of chocolates in the raffle finally lost it at the end tucked into the box with relish! 

A great play, wonderfully delivered.

All By Myself
By Robert Scott

Poor Larry, he’s been on this ‘deserted’ island for, well, a long time. Up until now he thought he was the only inhabitant. But one by one ‘others’ make themselves known. Why did it take so long? Why didn’t Larry discover them in all this time. Now an opportunity presents itself to finally return home… ‘cos he hates it here… or does he?

Well the others comprised Davenport (Richar Benfield), Ashworth (David Wren), Miller (Menna Benfield) and Nicholson (Pauline Chambers). Each turns up 'destitute, alone and without a friend', offer to help Larry (the Loner!), wonderfully played by Gary Iredale, to build a raft for him to return home. But ironically Larry ends up wishing to stay and enjoy his own company whilst the others use the raft themselves. Even then Larry isn't alone. As they leave Davenport shouts "oh we're leaving but there must be at least 20 or 30 others on the South of the island"!

The variety part of the production saw some Two Ronnies sketches and music from Andy Grey, Josh Walsh and the wonderful Margaret Fearn. You missed a treat if you weren't there!

It was a real Mystery!
April 30th, May 1st and 2nd 2015.
"Off the Rails" by Fiona & Paul Phillips
 The new Station Controller was taking over from the retiring Scott Coronation who had put his heart and soul into the attached museum. The station caterers were suddenly finding themselves in competition with a modern coffee outlet. The security chief was up to no good and other characters seemed to have ulterior motives. The new Staion Controller, Rachel Rails. played by Jennie Wood, finally met her demise. A team from the audience on the first two nights guessed the culprit correctly and won a couple of bottles of wine. On the thirs night no-one got it so we chose two of the best Comedy solutions. Some great (and hot) fish and chips were supplied by Kedleston Road Fish Bar and prizes were also handed out for winners of a Railway Quiz.                    

  Above:The cast: L-R Gary Iredale, Pauline Chambers, Ben Benfield,
Bronwyn Wilson, Sallie Gadsby, Gillian Hanson, Paul Buxton, Jennie Wood

Our thanks to David Wren who directed us up to a week before the performances. And then just had to go on holiday!




Above: the suspects round on the culprit


  Right: Duchy Royal played by Pauline Chambers



About the Group
Our drama group has been in existence for almost 40 years. We generally meet in the Village Hall next to St Michael's Church, Kirk Langley. Our membership is relatively small and together with the size of the hall stage restricts the scale of the productions we put on.

With the help from a Derbyshire Arts grant we have now installed a lighting rig and obtained a proper stage lighting system.

 Our audiences are generally drawn from within the parish as we have historically not publicised productions, relying on word of mouth.

We always encourage new members - of any age. If you are interested or have any queries then please submit your details through the Contact Us page of this site or see e-mail link below

If you would like to be involved - on
or off stage - please e-mail 'Ben' Benfield on