Barrington Playing Field

A full size field that accomodates football and cricket matches. Overseen by the Playing Field Trustees the maintenance requires funding over and above the legacy provided by Lady Barrington.

This year's field day is on Saturday 30th September - watch this space for more info!

The 2015 Field Day was a great success! (...although the sports contest ended in a draw!)

On Saturday 19th September 2015 most of the village turned out to enjoy a sunny, warm day on this magnificent playing field. The marquees and tents were up, the bunting fluttering a in a shallow breeze, the beer was flowing well, the terrific cream teas, the gorgeous beef rolls, were going down a treat and the sport ... well, that's another story!

The Tutbury Wind Band entertained an enthusiastic crowd in their inimitable fashion. Over fifty of their members played their hearts out. We had the usual bouncy castle, and the hilarious sumo suit wrestling.

This year featured a Dog Show organised by Hannah Barnden and Archie Playdon with prizes for various classifications. The winners were: 'Jake' the most handsome dog; 'Boot' the prettiest bitch; 'Sam' the waggiest tail, 'Sunny' the dog that most looked like its owner and 'Fergus' the best in show! This was preceded by an agility course and 'Cookie' was the winner. Well done to Hannah and Archie for their hard work in setting this up. It proved to be very popular.

A pancake 'Fry-off' was fantastically organised by Nigel Playdon. There were four teams of four all preparing a 'delicious' pancake and decorating them with some of the most bizarre ingredients, such as Skittles, marsh mallows, squirty cream etc.Let's hope this is repeated at future field days as it was a great success.

The ale was supplied by the Dancing Duck brewery and Pedigree and all six barrels were dry by the end of the day.

We were honoured to have one of our Parish Councillors, Graham Penny, to undertake the auction and some really great items were up for grabs. This alone made over £600. 

The saga of the Uppers versus the Downers was a different one this year. The football match went to the Uppers. The rounders also went to the Uppers. So 2 points to 0 as we went into the Tug-of-War where there were 3 points up for grabs, one for each 'pull'. The first contest went quite cleanly and the Downers were the victors. However the second and third pulls ended in chaos as various uninvited enthusiasts leapt onto the rope to improve their team's chances. Although the Downers were victors there was definitely an unfair balance of people in the end. So the organisers decided that overall the only fair result was a draw! Much to the dismay of the captains - Sam (Downers) and Daniel (Uppers) - who were heard well into the night up at the Bluebell arguing the toss as to 'how they was robbed!' Each will now hold the trophy for six months and next year we will ensure the event cannot be hijacked as it so blatantly was this year.

Still, at the end of the day everyone had a great time and the feedback from some of the village's newcomers was how wonderfully inclusive it was. The result will hopefully be another major donation to the upkeep of the pavilion and field. A very worthwhile cause to retain this irreplaceable asset for the village.

The committee, led by Stuart and Jo Barnden, comprises Brenda and Jamie Goth, Anne and Steve Smith, Ron Rowsell, Graham Penny, Sue Wilkins, Alex Porter-Wallis, Nigel and Val Playdon, and Emma Ascott. They have put together a fantastic programme providing an opportunity for villagers to meet and enjoy each other's company.  All money raised goes towards the maintenance of this valuable asset for Kirk Langley - the playing field and pavilion.

Photos from this year's event



































...and then the pancake fry-off










 ...and one unmitigated disaster!